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New York Animal Removal

Do you have unwelcome guests living in your home or business? If animals or pests have decided to nest in your residence, you need to call a removal company you can trust, and in New York, that company is One Hour Pest Control. We specialize in getting rid of New Yorkers’ pest problems. We offer our expertise at budget prices because we know just how much of an inconvenience and discomfort pests and wildlife can be. Safety is always our priority, so you can always expect a thorough pest removal and noticeable, lasting results when we are in your space.

For years, we’ve helped property owners rid their houses, apartments, and businesses of a variety of animals. Our approach is humane yet effective and won't’ break your bank. If you are curious about our work, we are always available to take your call. It is our pleasure to spread our pest knowledge with you, so if you have an inquiry, we will give you a quick quote and tell you the best way to proceed so you can rest easy regardless of the kind of wildlife you have occupying your space.

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Animal Removal Vs. Animal Control: What’s the Difference?

Our animal removal service is vastly different than that of a traditional animal control service. Generally speaking, animal control is a government service, usually employed by the city, to help the public and respond to any complaints related to animals that could put the residents at risk. When called, an animal control officer will eventually arrive responding to calls involving both domestic and wild animals. Capturing strays, clearing roadkill, investigating dangerous sightings, rescuing trapped animals – these, and more, are all services that animal control traditionally provides.

Our animal removal services, however, are slightly different, and much faster! We deal with a vastly different set of problems than that of an animal control officer. Our animal removal services are in place to help our clients get rid of wildlife that has entered a property. We are a privately owned business that is prepared to handle issues like wildlife removal, rodent infestations, dead animal removal, animal re-entry prevention, etc.

The Animal Removal Process

If any of these issues are like your problem, or you hear thumping or scratching coming from within your walls or attic, you need our animal removal services. When you hire our team, we will come by and carefully listen to your issue before carrying out a thorough property inspection.

Once the animal issue has been located, we will begin our trapping and removal strategy. From snakes, mice, and squirrels to birds or anything else that might get trapped in your property, we are the number one team to call in the local area. We will safely remove the animal and take every precaution necessary to ensure the removal process does not damage the inside of your property.

Dead Animal Removal

The removal of dead animals is a slightly different case. If an animal has died on your home or property, our services can help as well. We understand the importance of making sure the carcass is lifted from the property as soon as possible. When you hire our dead animal removal services, we promise that we will be there before the animal begins to break down.

We know that you can find a dead animal in some cases long after the fact – whatever the case, we will always provide a safe removal. When flesh breaks down it is liable to host many potential hazards to your health – that’s why whenever you see a dead animal on your property, you should call One Hour Pest Control right away. We’ll make sure the carcass is disposed of properly and the area is sanitized and spotless.

Property Clean-up and Animal Re-Entry Prevention

Once the animal has been removed, the problem is not necessarily fully solved at that point. Many of the animals we take care of leave behind a mess – sometimes, if left long enough, the mess can be bad enough that it has caused damage to the space the animal inhabited. It must be mentioned that leftover urine and feces are very common in these cases and must be removed immediately. Stripped or broken wires are also common in these cases and must be repaired. We can put you in contact with trustworthy electrical repair contractors if need be.

Once an animal has found a place to live, in most cases, there are many others who know about that spot too. Therefore, we must find ways to repel animals and prevent future invasions.

Once the infestation has been cleared and cleaned, we will take measures not to allow pests from re-entering the premises. While you can do this yourself, you will never get the same results as when you hire the professionals at One Hour Pest Control.

If you want, once we are done, we can give you the rundown of our services. We are always happy to provide a pest control education to our clients because the more you know about your infestation, the better job you can do in future incidents.

If you think you have a pest problem, get in touch with our team for an inspection.

Book an Inspection with Our Animal Removal Team

When you suspect an animal infestation, you need to contact an exterminator right away. An animal problem left unattended will only worsen over time and cause more destruction to your property.

Just tell us your issue, point in the general direction of the problem, and we will jump right to it. It is often easy to spot where an animal is living, but even in the most challenging cases, One Hour Pest Control will come up with a pest control solution fast.

Having worked in this industry for years, our experts understand the gravity of animal infestations, and will prioritize your request, scheduling an inspection at your earliest convenience. We are always available to you because we know that pest problems never happen at opportune times. Call us any time and, depending on your situation, we will send one of our professional pest and animal removal experts right over to you.

During this inspection, our experts will discuss the problems you’ve been facing and assess the severity of the issue. We will locate the site of the infestation, understand how animals have entered your property, and devise an appropriate course of action.

Based on the issue you have and its seriousness, our experts will be happy to provide you with a detailed cost estimate before we get to work.

Learn About Our Pest Removal Services

One Hour Pest Control's complete range of pest control services includes humane wildlife removal and dead animal removal in New York and surrounding regions. Our trained and experienced technicians eliminate any unwanted animal from your residential or commercial location and provide clean-up, decontamination, repair, and wildlife relocation services.

We are always more than happy to bestow our many years of acquired industry knowledge to our clients. The more you know about sorting your animal problem out, the better you can defend yourself against it in the future.

Call us today for all animal removal inquiries. We look forward to speaking with you and providing expertise in your situation.

Reliable Wildlife Removal

Many of us are animal lovers, but there is a difference between enjoying seeing wildlife outside your window and finding critters living in your home or business. If you are facing uninvited guests, you're not alone. It's very common for wildlife to seek warmth and shelter inside residential and commercial properties.

Wildlife can bring bacteria and disease into your space. They can be destructive and irritating and put the health and safety of your loved ones and clients at risk.

If animals have found their way into your property, it's important to know the name and number of a pest removal specialist you can trust - and that's where we come in.

We work to remove animals safely and help you fortify your property against future infestations. For more information, book a consultation today!

Emergency Wildlife Removal Services

Have you spotted a family of raccoons on your property in New York?

Has a skunk made its way into your home or business location?

Do you require professional dead animal removal services?

When you're faced with an animal infestation, you don't have time to wait around. You need to have the problem dealt with immediately, and that's why we are proud to offer our clients emergency response services, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Call us for safe and humane emergency wildlife control in New York if you encounter a possum, bat, squirrel or any other type of animal that you need to get rid of fast.

Qualified Services for the Natural Relocation of Unwanted Animals

The One Hour Pest Control approach to wildlife pest control gets rid of unwanted animals safely and allows for natural relocation and transfer of a den or nest far away from your commercial or residential property in New York. Our certified technicians are knowledgeable in the life cycles and nesting habits of local wildlife in the region and are trained to identify the habitat patterns of nuisance animals and provide commercial or residential clients you with the necessary recommendations to avoid a recurring problem.

Look to One Hour Pest Control to provide the following services:

  • Unwanted animal den and nest removal and relocation
  • Humane wildlife extermination services
  • Experienced bird and wildlife control
  • Safe wildlife eviction and exclusion
  • Dead animal removal

Removal of Various Animal Species

There are many types of animals that could infiltrate your property. A few examples of the animals that commonly creep into New York properties, include:

  • Squirrels
  • Bats
  • Raccoons
  • Opossums
  • Skunks
  • Birds
  • Mice
  • Rats

Our pest removal specialists have many years of experience dealing with the abovementioned animals. If you are concerned about the risks associated with your infestation, we are happy to answer your questions by phone or email, so get in touch with us today! It’s better not to wait when you notice an animal infestation because many infestations worsen if left unattended for too long. As soon as you hear scratching around in your walls, it would help if you got in touch with us. Before your animal infestation gets worse, call One Hour Pest Control. We will provide practical, humane animal removal to all of your animal problems.

Understanding the Risk of Animal Infestations

As we know, various animal species can carry germs and disease into your home or business. Not to mention disrupting your food supply and causing damage to your textiles. There is no limit to the extent that animals within your property can be a nuisance.

It's also important to acknowledge that animal infestations will only intensify over time. If you see one mouse in your apartment, there are bound to be more hiding somewhere, and if you ignore the issue, the critters will have time to multiply, causing more trouble in the long run.

If you detect an animal presence in your New York home or business, you need to address the issue quickly. A quick response will benefit you and your family, your employees, neighbors, and the businesses around you.

Humane Animal Removal in New York

Wildlife displacement can lead animals to look for warmth and shelter within the attics, garages and under decks of the homes and businesses in New York. If property owners are vigilant about pest control, they will work to protect the entire area.

One Hour Pest Control wildlife-proofing and relocation services for unwanted animals in the region follows a specific step - by step process that includes:

  • Strategically planned and humane relocation by experienced professionals in wildlife removal
  • Qualified repairs to all animal entry and access areas
  • Clean up, sanitation and deodorization of your property as a preventative measure
  • Written guarantees and follow up

Inspections Repairs and Preventative Measures

Our wildlife removal technicians begin with a thorough inspection of your property and also provide a free detailed estimate of your customized pest control plan. Knowledgeable staff arrive at your property equipped to perform repairs over entry holes and to animal proof all vents, plumbing, pipes and chimneys. One Hour Pest Control wildlife technicians are well trained and extensively experienced in the safe practice of wildlife control and removal that may also include reuniting certain species with their young.

Free Animal Removal Consultation

We offer a full range of services for any wildlife problem including the safe removal of bats, skunks, squirrels, possums, mice, hedgehogs, birds, rodents and any other pests. Ask about a free inspection for your urban or rural New York location.

For the safety and wellbeing of your family and all occupants of any type of commercial location, call us for a free assessment and important safety information about wildlife control in New York.

Keeping Animals Out of Your Home or Business

Once you’ve experienced an animal problem, you want to avoid them in the future. Our animal removal experts are proud to educate property owners on taking charge of pest management and can help you find the peace of mind you deserve.

The following are the best ways to help mitigate pest issues on your New York property.

Waste Management

Most animals will infiltrate your home or business in search of food. Garbage is one of the biggest culprits when it comes to pest issues, so ensuring that your waste is secure is extremely important. You can purchase specialty bins that are ultra-secure or use bungee cords to protect your waste from prying paws.

Giving your waste bins a rinse, every week will reduce odors that attract animals.

Access Points

Identifying where pests entered your property is perhaps the most essential part of effective animal control. When you work with One Hour Pest Control, we will determine the entry points and help you seal or secure them properly. Entry points could include holes and cracks in your walls, piping, or chimney.

Food Storage

It’s also essential to think about food storage when it comes to animal control. Keeping your food sealed in airtight containers and out of reach is the best course of action.


There are several other ways to prevent attracting animals to your property, which we will be happy to discuss with you during your inspection. To learn more, get in touch with us by phone or email today.

Trust New York's Best Pest Removal Team

In a city like New York, pest infestation is far from uncommon, and when left unaddressed, pest problems can spread like wildfire. One Hour Pest Control is proud to play a significant role in keeping our beloved city safe and pest free.

Not only do we offer safe, fast, and humane animal removal, but we can also help you protect your property from pests into the future. This may involve securing entry points, improving waste removal practices, and proper food storage techniques.

Our experts are not only highly-skilled, we are also knowledgeable. We understand all animal behaviours and the best way to remove them from your property for good.

If you are seeking more information, please don't hesitate to make an appointment.

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